#TasticApproved - Rich P "100 Yards"

Yo...I've shared the stage a few times late 2018 with Rich P and was definitely impressed by his stage presence and mic control. Took a stroll thru his tracklist online and wasn't shocked to find dopeness there too. So needless to say hearing the brotha was applying the visual treatment to the swervy kneck snapper "100 Yards" caught my interest...

...and the lack of disappointment continues. I rock with this jawn mainly because P's delivery remains consistently comfy throughout the track and it's confidently teetering the line between free-spirited mixtape vibe and album lead single urgency. The mix is solid AF too, so you can def feel secure giving this MF the In Traffic Treatment.

The video is crispy with a nice layer of warmth to keep the focus on the star of the show...Rich P! While I would have liked to see a little more variance to the settings, I'm not taking any points away, as the vid compliments the track and does what it's supposed to...plus, I've got a good impression that there's certainly more to come this year...and I'm tuned in for it.

Rating: 4/5 Ashy Knuckles

Rich P on IG+Twitter: @richualp